Q&A 1 LW 1976 audio
Sku: 88500A0E070
Archival Number: TC 885 A&B
Author: Lonergan, B.
Language(s): English
Decade: 1970

 A recording of part of the question-and-answer session June 14 1976. Note: 885A is almost totally inaudible after the first few minutes. There is a transcription taken from some other source, and that is included here at 88500DTE070. An attempt will be made to discover the source. The transcription of the early portion has not been checked against an audio recording. The material that begins here on p. 8, with ‘Questions from the Floor,’ is somewhat more audible, though there is considerable background noise that could not be removed without losing the voices; that portion has been checked against the recording on 885 B. The questions and a copy of Lonergan’s written responses can be found on this site at 27880DTE070.

Audio restoration by Greg Lauzon

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No transcription available.