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Fragments toward a Seventh Chapter of De Deo Trino: Pars Systematica

Editor’s Introduction: Among the more interesting items found among Bernard Lonergan’s archival papers is a set of fragments that belong to what was probably a series of attempts to write a seventh chapter of De Deo Trino: Pars Systematica. The chapter was entitled ‘De Nexu Mysteriorum’ (‘The Connection of the Mysteries).’ All of the fragments can be found on thus website. Most of them belong to item 78800DTL060, with several others being rejected pages that now serve as the reverse of other pages on which Lonergan wrote something he intended to preserve. Here some of the fragments are united into a single document, found at 7880ADTE060. Work done by R. Doran.


  [1] Bernard Lonergan, De Deo Trino: Pars systematica (Rome: Gregorian University Press, 1964). This is a revised version of what appeared from the same press in 1957 and 1959 as Divinarum personarum conceptio analogica. The Collected Works edition is The Triune God: Systematics, trans. Michael G. Shields, ed. Robert M. Doran and H. Daniel Monsour (Toronto: University of Torono Press, 2007).

11A0BDTE040 The Analogy of Being and Being Something
This item combines what is found in 11A00DTE040 (The Analogy of Being) and 70000A0E040 (Being Something). Editing by Robert M. Doran, completed in September 2018.

The Problem of Substance: revised transcription
6A0ABDTE040 is a revised edition of The Problem of Substance, found in the autograph at 6A000DTE040. Editing by Robert M. Doran.

Revised translation of Quaestiones Metaphysicae: De Cognitione et Cognito
This item, 5A0ABDTE040, is a revision and critical edition of the translation previously posted here of Quaestiones Metaphysicae: De Cognitione et Cognito. The new version was completed in September of 2018 by Robert M. Doran.

23900DTE040: Translation of 'De novissimis' 23900DTL040 was added to the website on December 29, 2017.
The item contains earlier material on the natural desire to see God than is found in 'De ente supernaturali' and earlier elements in a still-emerging cognitional theory.

Lonergan's 1956-57 Lectures on the positive/doctrinal portion of Trinitarian theology
Lonergan's first published work on the positive/dogmatic portion of Trinitarian theology was in 1961: De Deo Trino: Pars Analytica. But he did lecture on this dimension earlier in Rome, and student notes of those lectures have been preserved in the library of the Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto. 14500DTL040 is a version of those notes edited by Robert M. Doran. Michael Shields has translated the notes, and his translation appears here as 14600DTE050.

1982 Q&A Sessions at Lonergan Workshop

Audio recordings of four Q&A sessions at the 1982 Lonergan Workshop at Boston College have been uploaded: 99910A0E080, 99920A0E080, 99930A0E080, and 99940A0E080. 

Audio restoration by Greg Lauzon.

Transcriptions are available: 9991ADTE080, 9991BDTE080, 9993ADTE080, and 9993BDTE080.


Database and descriptions © Copyright 2017 by Robert M. Doran

1982 Seminar on Macroeconomics and the Dialectic of History
The recordings of Lonergan's 1982 Seminar on Macroeconomics and the Dialectic of History have been uploaded at 99601A0E080 to 99612A0E080. Audio restoration of these recordings was done by Greg Lauzon. Short descriptions of each item have been provided by Robert M. Doran

1981 Seminar on Macroeconomics and the Dialectic of History
98401A0E080 to 98411AE080: recordings of Lonergan's 1981 Seminar on Macroeconomics and the Dialectic of History, Boston College. Audio restoration by Greg Lauzon, notes by Robert M. Doran.

Fall 1980 Seminar on Method in Theology, Boston College
98301A0E080 to 98311A0E080: Recordings of Lonergan's Fall 1980 Seminar on Method in Theology at Boston College. Audio restoration by Greg Lauzon, notes by Robert M. Doran

2475BD0E050 abd 2475CD0E050 Further questions re INSIGHT: Preface to a Discussion

Fred Crowe was asked to read 'INSIGHT: Preface to a Discussion' at the ACPA Convention in 1958. In preparation he compiled a list of likely questions. The list was sent to Lonergan, who answered many of the questions by hand. 2475BD0E050 is the list as found in Crowe's papers. 24 75C... is RD's transcription.


Questions of Frederick Crowe for BL re: INSIGHT, possibly connected to 'INSIGHT: Preface to a Discussion'

In his editorial notes to the paper ‘Insight: Preface to a Discussion’ Frederick Crowe indicates that he had had some correspondence with Bernard Lonergan prior to the 1958 convention of the American Catholic Philosophical Association in 1958. Crowe had been asked to read the paper ‘Insight: Preface to a Discussion,’ in Lonergan’s stead. This correspondence ‘dealt with questions I thought might be raised at the convention’ (CWL 4: 285).


At least some of the correspondence to which Crowe refers and related materials have been found in Crowe’s papers and are reproduced in this item and several others that will follow.


The first document is a 4-page set of handwritten ‘Questions for Fr. Lonergan on Insight.’ Crowe is the author. In the Crowe Archive this item is CA122.2.2.4. The number assigned to it in placing it on the Lonergan archive website (2475AD0e050) is due to its possible connection with ‘Insight: Preface to a Discussion,’ 24750DTEL50.

De Peccato et Purificatione: 9700ADTLG40 and 9700ADTEG40
In the week of October 20 these two files will be uploaded: the first is a transcription by R. Doran of 97000DTLG40, Lonergan's "De Peccato et Purificatione," a study of Gregory of Nyssa. The second is a translation of the same document by Michael Shields.

Week of May 5 - 5900ADTL040 (Transcription of 59000DTL040)
A transcription of a treatise on the virtues, mainly for the sake of having a record of BL's handwritten notes. Author of the treatise is not known.

Week of April 7 - Third and Fourth Hoenen articles

10180DTL030 (original) and 1018ADTE030 (translation), on necessity in geomety, and 10190DTL030 (original) and 1019ADTE030 (translation by Michael Sheilds), on exactitude in geometry.

The Hoenen sarticles are being put in the Archive site because of their importance for Lonergan.

RD has indicated corrections for the translation in 1018ADTE030 (translator unknown).


Week of March 24 - Second Hoenen article
P. Hoenen, 'De philosophia scholastica cognitionis geometricae' (10170DTL040) and its English translation (1017ADTE040) will be posted in the week of March 24.

Week of March 24 - Theory of Probability
5600AD0E040 is a transcription by RD of a short entry on Theory of Probability (56000DTE040).

March 10 - Two entries with P. Hoenen's 'De origine principiorum scientiae'
10160DTL030 and 1016ADTE030 contain the Latin original and English translation of Hoenen, De origine primorum principium scientiae,' which was influential in Lonergan's development.  Translator unknown. 

March 15 - Interview on Mathematics with Paul Manning - Transcript
A transcription of a 1976 interview with Paul Manning on Mathematics appears here as 94700DTE070. Transcription done by Nicholas Graham and Tom Daly, S.J., retyped by RD.

Week of Feb. 17: 2 new entries
3600ADTE040: Michael Shields's translation of Bleau, De Gratia Actuali (36000DTLF40).

4700ADTL040: 12 theses on the Incarnation. Used as wrapper by BL.

8 New Entries
Sometime in the week of February 10, the following files will be uploaded:

3700ADTL040: notes on BL's handwritten comments in the folio 'De sacramentia in genera' (37000DTL040)

3800ADTEG40: Transcription of 38000DTEG40, page of footnotes to dissertation.

4000ADTEL40: Transcription of 40000DTEL40, a fragment on gratia operans

4100BDTE040: Translation by M. Shields of 41000DTE040, De ordine iustitiae

4200ADTEL40: Transcription of 42000DTEL40, Table of contents of dissertation

4300ADTEl40: Transcription of 43000DTEl40, on Council of Florence

4500ADTL040: Transcription of 45000DTL040, Actio

4600ADTL040: Transcription of 46000DTL040, Cursus specialis. De gratia operante apud S. Thomam, 1942.

Recording of 'Natural Right and Historical Mindedness' and 'Theology and Praxis'
9160AA0E070: A recording of 'Natural Right and Historical Mindedness' as delivered by Lonergan at the 1977 Lonergan Workshop

9190AA0E070: A recording of 'Theology and Praxis' as delivered by Lonergan at the 1977 Lonergan Workshop

Audio restoration by Greg Lauzon. The tapes of these lectures were loaned to the site by  the Thomas More Institute, Montreal

Transcription and Translation of Lonergan's Notes for Doctroral Defense
5100ADTL040: Transcription by R.D. of 51000DTL040 (Lonergan's notes for the defense of his doctoral dissertation)

5100BDTL040: Translation by Michael Shields of 51000DTL040 (Lonergan's notes for the defense of his doctoral dissertation)

These items were uploaded on January 24, 2014

Transcription and Translation of 53A00DTL040, De Visione Beatifica

To be uploaded soon:

53A0ADTL040: transcription by R. Doran of 53A00DTL040, Lonergan's notes from the 1940s 'De Visione Beatifica'

53A0BDTL040: translation by Michael Shields of 53A00DTL040, Lonergan's notes fromthe 1940s 'De Visione Beatifica'

Translation of Lonergan, De Novissimis (A48/48000DTL040)
A translation by Michael G. Shields of the notes in the Archives, De Novissimis, at A48 (48000DTL040).

Notes on "Thought and Reality" from Martin O'Hara
There do not seem to be extant notes from Lonergan's own pen regarding his 1945 course at Thomas More Institute, "Thought and Reality." What has been preserved is a set of notes taken by Martin O'Hara, now available at Lonergan Research Institute as File 31 in the Lonergan Papers. Those notes are reproduced here. We acknowledge the assistance of Eric Mabry in making them available, and the gift of the notes to the LRI from Thomas More Institute, Montreal.

The notes are available at 10034DTE040.

Translation of Bleau, De Ente Supernaturali
3500BDTLF40 is a translation by Michael Shields of Paulin Bleau, De Ente Supernaturali. See also the transcript of the Latin document at 3500ADTLF40.

Transcript of Paulin Bleau, De ente supernaturali
A transcript of Paulin Bleau's treatise 'De ente supernaturali,' a treatise preserved by Lonergan among his papers, has been uploaded to the archive site at 3500ADTLF40. This treatise sets the proximate context for Lonergan's own 'De ente supernaturali.' A highly specialized article comparing the two treatises would be very illuminating.

Video: Lonergan, Voegelin, Gadamer, Poole

These are parts 1 and 2 of a panel discussion from York University 1978 conference on Hermeneutics and Structuralism. The video has been uploaded to this site.

Four audio recordings from 1970 Florida Congress
The Thomas More Institute, Montreal, has graciously provided their tapes and cassettes of the various discussion groups that met during the 1970 Florida Lonergan Congress. Audio restoration by Greg Lauzon.

Four of these discussion involve the participation of Bernard Lonergan, and are being uploaded to this site during the week of February 11, 2013:

1005BA0E070P: Joseph Flanagan, Philip McShane, and Matthew Lamb conduct an interview with Bernard Lonergan, after preliminary remarks from Eric O'Connor, Bernard Tyrrell, David Tracy, and Joseph Collins.

990B0A0E070: David Tracy ends a panel discussion, which is followed by Lonergan responding to some of the points raised by the panel and answering a few questions from a wider audience.

David Tracy conducts a group discussion in which participants discuss their papers. Lonergan enters in later in the discussion.

Frederick Crowe conducts a group discussion, which includes Bishop Butler, Eduardo Perez Valera, George Klubertans, Elizabeth Anscombe, and Lonergan. Lonergan is very interesting on religion and on 'insight into insight.'

Five new transcriptions
In the week of February 11, the following RD transcriptions will be uploaded:

2900AD0FE30 - Modernisme
3000AD0L030 - Matthew 24
3100AD0FE30 - Eglise
3200AD0EF30 - La Royaume et l'Eschatologie
3300AD0FE30 - Messias

Two new transcriptions

In Memory of Father Frederick E. Crowe, S.J.
Frederick Crowe died on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012. His funeral was held at Regis College, Toronto, on April 17. The obituary for Father Crowe and the homily delivered by Robert Doran, S.J., are available on this site. The homily may be accessed in pdf and mp3 format. Click to view >>

Bernard J.F. Lonergan was born on December 17th 1904 in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada.
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